Lieutenant Bipasha Chaitali

Name Bipasha Chaitali PsyD

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Cardassian
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Hair Color Chestnut Brown
Eye Color Hazel


Personality & Traits

General Overview Charismatic, arrogant, assertive, self-indulgent, and unapologetic are some words that have been used to describe Bipasha Chaitali. She will not deny these colorful adjectives used to describe her, but she would merely say that she has some adjectives of her own to describe the individuals who chose to comment on her, and that one should always question the quality of a source. 

Bipasha’s personality straddles a very fine line between the structured orderliness of her ‘second life’ in Starfleet and her previous one as a cerebral Cardassian military officer. The two which often met on the battlefields of planet and clashed among the starts during the Dominion War have saw a transition, a bridging of two lives past and present, guiding her towards an unknown future. It is said that there are more sides to Bipasha’s personality than a pair of icosahedron dice, and when you shake her up, you may roll a snake-eyes. 

Bipasha is a Cardassian who is both sentimental and very superstitious although she does not hold one faith or theology blindly, but rather a plethora of various dogma which have helped sculpt her own personal outlook on life. She may not worship any sort of ‘God’ per se, but she believes in cosmic karma and energies being off kilter or disproportionate. She believes both positive and negatives energies. One thing that she does strongly believe in is free will and the ability for individuals to make their own pathway of luck. 

She is an artful liar who waves webs of grandiose tales that have some truth but are mostly fabrications. Her military training with the Cardassian Union and her educational background have given her a leg up on other individuals in a psychological cat and mouse game. Her crafted lies are the best defense against someone getting too close. Bipasha at her core is an adventurer, a thrill seeker who cannot get enough of a good adrenaline rush. She feels most alive when she’s courting death in a dance under the pale moonlight with chaos as their backdrop. Bipasha’s sharp tongue paired with her quick wit means that her strength in adaptability makes her ideal for survival when her back is against the wall. 

Bipasha Chaitali does not fear death. She is not afraid to die, but she is not near ready for it to happen. Her pure stubbornness and quest to live her life, having fun and raising hell pushes her to keep breathing. There have been many times where she was wounded and bleeding out, but she always pulled through. At some point her time will be up and she hopes that she goes down starring death in the eyes laughing with her last breath. 

As deceptive as she is with her personal life, and with keeping everyone away at a safe distance, Bipasha remains an extroverted individual. She enjoys being the life of the party and hates when the attention of others strays to someone or something else. She’s been known to make a spectacle of herself just to assert her importance. Bipasha tends to engage in an intricate conversation for hours on end, getting you to reveal intimate personal information. Meanwhile, she’s given you nothing of actual value about herself. She is very inquisitive and likes to learn, but part of her learning is acquiring one’s Achilles heel, so she knows how to inflict the most damage on you. 
Strengths & Weaknesses Her deep intellect and adaptability make her a bit of a ‘bookworm,’ but it is how she applies the knowledge she gains that makes this a strength. She plays a good defense, but it’s her offense that is most deadly. She’s cerebral and studies her enemies thoroughly while likewise learning how to exploit her allies should they ever turn against her. When she was in the Cardassian military, this was part of the norm. As an officer in Starfleet, it is a bit unorthodox and potentially risky. She’s tried to make some ‘power moves’ in the past to propel her career. Some of those paid off, but a few of these power plays have backfired on her.

Bipasha is impulsive in almost every aspect of her life. Her love life is especially abysmal, but she tends to do her best not to concentrate any time or energy on that. She was social outcast on a Cardassia from a young age and she’s grown bitterly used to it. For a traditional Cardassian, family is of the utmost importance, but Bipasha was not able to start a family of her own. She was left with no choice in the matter. It was suicide or military. She chose the military.

She can be very superficial about certain things such as her appearance. For a woman of the Cardassian military, she takes a great amount of pride in making herself ‘presentable’ and alluring for others. It is often unknown to outsiders whether her decision to dedicate time to cosmetics is for others or something she does for herself. Honestly, it may be a bit of both, though she did pick up the habit of dressing seductively when off duty and wearing cosmetics when she was in the military because once you had a Gul’s attention, they were not likely to overlook your worth to them. The same was true the higher one went up the chain of command.
Ambitions Bipasha's ambitions have changed over the years as have her allegiances. She was always 'different' even from an early age. One difference that set her out from most Cardassian women was what lead her to becoming an outcast in Cardassian society. Her current ambition is to do Cardassia proud in her participation of the Officer Exchange program. She wants to earn the trust and admiration of the Komorkis’ crew.

Personal History Bipasha Chaitali’s mother was civilian nurse during the Cardassian border wars with the Federation during the 2340s into the 2360s. Bipasha’s conception was not planned by her mother who had been part of the support that arrived on Setlik III. Her mother had been tending to some wounded Cardassians at the Barrica encampment when it was stormed by Federation forces in response to the Cardassian attack on Setlik III. The Starfleet Officers had been pushed way past the point of breaking. Some of the women, scientist and nurses were considered as worthy of targets for Federation phaser fire as were the Cardassian soldiers. Questionable actions were taken that day by both sides of the conflict, but some of the women were beaten, battered, and defiled. Bipasha’s mother was one such woman who barely survived the aggressive Starfleet officer who threw her on a medical cot and tore her clothing. 

It was not until Bipasha was much older did she finally learn the truth about how she came to be. She was the result of an assault, a terrible violation, and learning that did not make her feel anything towards the Federation for the longest time except hatred. She wanted to make them all pay for what her mother had to endure. Her ‘father’ was responsible for more than just her existence, he was responsible for her condemnation and alienation. Orphans had it better than she did growing up because at least people took pity upon them. They took no pity upon a half-breed Cardassian with a human father. 

Fortunately for Bipasha, the older she got, the more she looked like her mother and less like her father; However, people could still see it. Something not quite “Cardassian” about her in the eyes. Those hazel almond shaped eyes had come from her father and whenever she looked into a mirror, she saw him looking back at her mocking her. The lack of ridges along her neck and the softness of her features added to her unmistakable impurities. When she was old enough, she received cosmetic surgery to alter her appearance ever so slightly to give her a more Cardassian look, but she would not change the shape of her eyes. She wanted to keep the reminder when she looked at herself in the mirror. 

When Bipasha was going through puberty, a medical examination and study of her genetics found an abnormality. She was infertile and it was believed that she would never be able to conceive a child. This was almost always a death sentence to a woman on a Cardassian world. Men who were sterile were shunned and often sought death through military service, bringing glory to the Union and dying young if they were lucky. Most women took the news of being infertile poorly, and society treated them as disgraced. Family was everything in Cardassian society. If one could not have a family of their own, especially a woman, they had no placement in society. 

Bipasha was conflicted. It would have been expected of her to take her own life, but she refused to do so. She did not give into that pressure. She found another path, one that few women on Cardassian walked. Those who had were often in a similar circumstance as she was. She would join the military herself as she had no male siblings and no father to speak of. It was a great sacrifice but also an honor for a woman to place herself in service of the Cardassian military after receiving thorough education.

Her schooling had always been important to her. Bipasha was a bookworm, nerdy, but not afraid to throw a fist if necessary, to get a point strongly across; However, often she was thoroughly ably to eviscerate a hostile through a verbal lashing and cerebral use of her wit. She attended Bamarren Institute for State Intelligence where she majored in Psychology and minored in Military History. She enjoyed studying the delicate art of war fare and how to use Psychology against an adversary. After graduating, she immediately sought to advance her education. She was accepted into the Psychology graduate program at Pren Menkar University. Bipasha’s concentration was on the psychology of war and the affects that it had on the mind. Therefore, her specialization was Military Psychology which she spent several years studying and working on her dissertation. The Dominion War was in full bloom during her years as a graduate doctoral student and she witnessed firsthand how war affected the minds of Cardassians. She would tour Cardassian prison and labor camps examining the Federation prisoners. It was during her studies that she became familiar with the published works of Gul Madred and his specialized and often unique interrogation tactics.

The Dominion War had already come and gone by the time Bipasha finished her education. There was no true Cardassian military to join any more. The Federation had won the war. Cardassia was trying to slither out from beneath the ruble. Bipasha joined what was left of a military to join, but it was more of a ‘national guard’ than a true military. She earned her commissioned rank in 2377 and was put to work working alongside Starfleet officers during what became known as the Cardassian reconstruction period. They very same people she had held a grudge against all these years, who had slaughtered her people during this war with the Dominion were now helping to rebuild the provinces that had been almost ruins. It was a strange experience. 

She spent most of the late 2370s on Cardassia on the home front as a crucial figure in rebuilding the infrastructure of Cardassia, but her ambition and aspirations were not on home front service. She wanted to be aboard a starship. Her duty and dedication to the post war reconstruction; however, resulted in her being promoted in rank. She never got to experience the starship service that she had been chasing after aside from a few brief assignments on transports that lasted no more than a week or two. 

She was however, given a prominent assignment to Elvok Nor in 2379. The old Cardassian Nor class station had a rich history and was one of the stations along the Cardassian Federation border which had been severely damaged in the Domion War, but had not yielded to the barrage of their attacks. It was an honor to be assigned there. She was Elvok Nor’s Counselor and de facto Intelligence Officer. It was during this time that she made a discovery that would change the trajectory of her life. She uncovered the identity of and whereabouts of her father. With this highly sensitive and quite valuable material Dal Bipasha Chaitali petitioned the Federation to accept her request to consider her candidacy for the Federations Officer Exchange Program which the Federation had experimented with I past decades with various allies and neutral worlds, even the Klingon Empire. 

Needless to say, she expected the initial rejection letter that she was received though the Federation did see merit in her argument that it would be beneficial towards fostering in peaceful relations between her people and the Federation. What the Federation had not counted on, was Bipasha’s audacity and use of leverage against someone in the higher echelon of Starfleet. Essentially, being a resourceful Cardassian who was not afraid to ger her hands dirty eventually got her request accepted. The caveat to the acceptance was that she would need to go through a condensed course at Starfleet Academy similar to their OTS. When she was assigned to Starfleet vessel, she would hold a provisional Starfleet rank equivalent to her Cardassian one and take the same oath that any Starfleet officer would. The assignment in question was the USS Komorkis as the starship’s Chief Counselor.