Lieutenant Neevara Yy

Name Neevara Yy MD PsyD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Doosodarian
Age 53

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 150 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Dark Blue
Physical Description Neevara is relatively average height and build. Her blonde Doosodarian hair is thick and wavy as is typical of her people. Her eyes are dark blue.

Neev carries herself with ease and grace that almost makes her seem as though she’s floating. She only wears her uniform when required and often spends her time off duty in a traditional Doosodarian Kaftan.


Other Family Both of Neevara’s parents are living as are her siblings. All reside on Doosodaria.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Neevara is very mellow. She believes in keeping a casual approach to her work to keep everyone comfortable. She is known to crack a joke here and there, although Doosodarian humor is far different from many other cultures and her jokes don’t often translate well. Neevara has been known to be rather clumsy and at times loud.
Hobbies & Interests Neev is a collector. She collects; books, pottery, and art (specifically sculptures). In her free time, Neev enjoys taking in a Holo-novel or listening to music. For Doosodarian’s Art is such a big part of everyday life, Neev feels a consistent need to enjoy art in different forms.

Personal History Born in Kemthna neighbourhood of Talaniz City, Neev is the youngest of five children born to Tet and Qara Yy. Her upbringing was modest. Both of her parents worked in Music. Her father was a relatively well known Lorid-harpist and her mother was a musical healer.

Neevara was educated in the Talaniz Communal Children’s Center, the city’s largest educational Center, with her siblings. Starting at 3 years old, children were first introduced to the magic of the arts before delving into math and sciences.

Doosodarian education puts great emphasis on learning through doing, older students are encouraged to volunteer within groups and businesses that interest them.

Early on Neevara found great pleasure in watching the healers (her mother included) at work in the Agora. She found the process's extremes fascinating. Neevara herself volunteered with the healers when she was a teenager, earning her certification as a musical healer at the time as well.

When her primary schooling was done, Neev needed to make a decision about how to move forward. She considered staying in Talaniz to work as a healer, moving on to higher education, or moving off world to pursue adventure.

Neevara’s curiosity got the better of her, and Neevara moved to Betazed to figure out her next step. In choosing Betazed, Neevara considered the spirituality of the native race and it spoke to her. Neevara applied to attend the University of Betazed and study medicine and psychology. Ultimately, she was accepted and jumped headfirst into her studies.

Her time at the University of Betazed was peppered with interactions with Starfleet, who often called upon the expertise of the University’s scholars. Starfleet was intriguing to Neev. The exploration and diversity were things that were of great interest to Neevara.

She was so enamoured with Starfleet she looked into enrolling and applied while she finished her degree. After several years of intensive study, Neevara graduated from the University of Betazed with her Doctorate in Medicine with a minor in Psychology and set off to Earth to begin her studies at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco.

The Doosodarian was put through the Direct Officer Candidate School because she already held a degree. After taking familiarization courses, Neevara received her commission and her first assignment.

Neevara began her Starfleet journey aboard the USS Trafalgar as a Medical Officer Counselor. Working with her Department Head, Neev introduced weekly Doosodarian Music Therapy group sessions which were enjoyed by much of the crew while on assignment to the Gamma Quadrant.

After a few years, Neevara was transferred to Deep Space K-24 ,also known as Starbase Siberia. Located near the Andorian system, the station was a rundown K Class station used as a research facility for scientists studying a rare form of stellar fungus.

Neevara was assigned to a team of Starfleet Doctors monitoring the well being of the researchers. There was not much to do, but Neev wasn’t going to let a backwoods posting dampen her mood. The Doosodarian woman took it upon herself to organize game nights, open mic nights, movie showings, anything to help raise the morale of the entire attached crew.

Her efforts aboard Deep Space K-24 didn’t go unnoticed by her superiors. Neevara was put forward to lead the Medical team at a Starfleet Medical facility on Earth. She took the post with a gracious attitude and lead the team while publishing papers comparing Doosodarian and Denobulan holistic medicine approaches.

After some long years, Neevara longed for a return to the stars and requested a transfer to a ship. She was happy to join the crew of the USS Hokkaido as Chief Medical Officer as the ship headed out on their survey mission to the galactic core. Neevara developed a close relationship with the Chief Intelligence Officer, a Caitian lioness named K’Leo. The pair shared a brief intimate relationship before parting ways after the ship’s expedition.

Neevara was moved to the USS Ottawa where she took her Bridge Officer Certification to sit as Second Officer as well as Chief Medical Officer. The Bridge Officer Certification was such a departure from all that Neev had done in Starfleet until that point. She was happy to undertake the new experience and knew that it would come in handy if her career were to progress further.

With her new certification in hand, Neevara was transferred to the USS Komorkis as Chief Medical Officer.
Service Record USS Trafalgar - Medical Officer and Counselor
Deep space K-24- Medical Officer
Starfleet Medical Annex- Medical Lead
USS Hokkaido - Chief Medical Officer
USS Ottawa - Chief Medical Officer and Second Officer
USS Komorkis- Chief Medical Officer