Boldly Forth

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Status Current Mission
Description Situated at Starbase 310 deep in the Alpha Quadrant near Bajor, the USS Komorkis is one of the newest second-generation Luna-class vessels. Here the new crew under the command of Captain Eranfel are gathering and reporting for duty as they prepare to embark on one of Starfleet's first five year journeys in some time. Their destination? To explore the Gamma Quadrant.
Mission Group Season One - These Are The Voyages...
Start Date Sat Aug 29th, 2020 @ 5:43pm

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Title Timeline Location
by Lieutenant Jaro Antos
A few days before MD 01 Venice, Earth
I guess I can just delete this
by Lieutenant Neevara Yy MD PsyD
Flying Blind
by Captain Batu Ra-Ejine
MD 01 - 0900 hours USS Komorkis - Docked at SB 310
The Dangers of Believe in Everything
by Lieutenant Bipasha Chaitali PsyD
USS Komorkis | Deck 08 | Shuttlebay
Arrival of the Obsidian Canary
by Lieutenant Bipasha Chaitali PsyD
Federation Shuttlecraft Bardot

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