Arrival of the Obsidian Canary

Posted on Tue Sep 8th, 2020 @ 6:43pm by Lieutenant Bipasha Chaitali PsyD

Mission: Boldly Forth
Location: Federation Shuttlecraft Bardot

Several years had passed since the last shots were fired during the Dominion War, formally at least. No governments involved had much control over the overzealous militiamen who insist on firing a few stray shots long after a ceasefire; however, Cardassia acted swiftly in ensuring no further transgressions were made in the days following the cease-fire and the signing of peace accords. It is the flagrant violence that is quelled and snuffed by the swift palms of peace. Where these accords fail has been the prejudices that seeped into the uniforms of the men and women who fought on the front lines.

Friends, what a peculiarly foreign Federation social construct. Dr. Bipasha Chaitali had acquaintances, contacts, and loose alliances. Family was of course a given. Friends: however, were not something she had in abundance. Once upon a time, she had a few friends, but the Dominion War all but took that concept away from her and stripped her down to nothingness. Though the fighting may have stopped and a ‘new, stronger Cardassia’ was being built as the reconstruction period continued, there were still people on both sides who were untrusting of Cardassians.

Bipasha was not just any Cardassian though. She was a Cardassian freshly assigned to a Federation starship, practically unheard of, but to steal a phrase and mangle it to Cardassian conformity: this was one small step for her and a giant leap for all of Cardassia. Though she may have pushed for such an assignment on her own accord, it was not long until someone with political aspirations started to manipulate her strings as though she were a marionette for Cardassia. Surely, the Castellan of Cardassia was pleased with having Bipasha aboard a Federation starship, especially the Komorkis which would be undertaking assigned missions in the Gamma quadrant. Oh glory she had often thought to herself.

As the Cardassian sat in hear seat sipping a mug of warm red leaf tea, having nursed it for several minutes now, it had lost its steam. She; however, was still wide awake and full steam ahead. The shuttle was traversing at an appropriate speed. Bipasha had been on the shuttle long enough to hear all about the pilot’s life. Typical cushy Federation lifestyle for the most part. Though she felt slightly less agitated by the male. He was an Andorian, young too. Too young to have had any taste of war. By his rank and age, she surmised he had been at the most a cadet during the final years of the war. Being an Andorian, she wagered he had a chip on his shoulder about missing out on the fighting.

Bipasha was studying the personnel file she was able to acquire containing Captain Batu Ra-Ejine’s service record. It; of course, was more than just the man’s Federation service record she got her pale white hands onto. The Efrosian was 40 Earth years of age and his service record was appropriately long with billets befitting of a man with four solid rank pips and command of his own. The Komorkis was his first. Dr. Chaitali was able to acquire access to some old Obsidian Order wartime files about the man when he was Second Officer and First Officer of the USS Yggdrasil and Kolob respectively. Hm. Intriguing man she thought as she sipped her tea and sat a PaDD aside.

“Doctor, we are running ahead of schedule and will be arriving shortly. Shall I transmit a message to the Komorkis informing them that we will be arriving soon?” the Andorian asked.

Bipasha stood from her seat and wrapped her fingers around the warm mug of tea. “That would cost us the element of surprise, Ensign” replied the Cardassian. “No, no, no. Never give up such an advantage in any situation, diplomatic or otherwise. Proceed to the coordinates. Let them hail us when their sensors detect us.”

The Andorian turned slightly in his seat. “Ma’am, with all due respect it’s the protocol to give them some advanced notice of our arrival. We’re a Federation shuttle, and the Komorkis is a Luna class starship with advanced sensor systems. They will detect us with ease.”

Bipasha slid into a seat next to the ensign. She finished off the mug of tea and handed It over to the Andorian. “Be a dear and get me some more. Cardassian red leaf tea number five, hot” she said. The Andorian looked offended and his antennae twitched.

“That’s an order, Ensign” Bipasha added sharply. The Andorian followed her ‘order,’ and vacated his seat which Bipasha quickly scooted over and into, occupying it and harnessing the flight controls and making them do her bidding. “Let’s see how good those sensors are,” she muttered to herself as she laid in a direct course bringing the shuttle closer to the aft of the Luna class Komorkis.

She used whatever Cardassian tricks she had learned over the years and was successful in getting closer to the Komorkis than anyone probably would have desired before the console in front of her illuminated and her attention was drawn to notification of an attempt to establish a comm channel. “Federation shuttle identify yourself” was the crisp message from a woman.

“USS Komorkis, this is Doctor Bipasha Chaitali of Cardassia” she responded after connecting the comm. “Requesting permission to come aboard, Komorkis. I will transmit my orders from the Federation and Starfleet momentarily…. please stand by.”

The Andorian returned with Bipasha’s tea and an unamused expression on his face, finding she had accelerated their speed and had commandeered flight controls. “That was unnecessary, Doctor.”

She offered nothing in return except accepting the mug of tea and gesturing the pilot to take a seat in the chair next to her. “Relax, Ensign. I am more than qualified to pilot a shuttlecraft.” A few moments later, the USS Komorkis had authorized the shuttle to approach their shuttlebay as the bay doors began to open.