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The Dangers of Believe in Everything

Posted on Tue Sep 8th, 2020 @ 6:47pm by Lieutenant Bipasha Chaitali PsyD
Edited on on Tue Sep 8th, 2020 @ 6:55pm

Mission: Boldly Forth
Location: USS Komorkis | Deck 08 | Shuttlebay

The Andorian she had been traveling with was not assigned to the USS Komorkis, the shuttlecraft was simply a transport ferrying her from point a to point b or rather k in this case. She bid adieu to the Andorian as she descended the ramp and planted her feet firmly on the decking of the starship Komorkis. Dr. Chaitali looked around the shuttlebay. Home sweet home she thought to herself. At least this starship would become home to her. Her Federation home among the stars, and it was slated to head into the Gamma Quadrant. Of all the places to go, the Federation had to stick their noses back into the Gamma Quadrant. For what? Gallivanting around the quadrant to scratch an insufferable itch for exploration she thought to herself. How…quaint pondered Bipasha as she rolled her eyes.

A Federation expedition into the Gamma quadrant under the guise of peace and prosperity. To her, that was what it seemed like. Nevertheless, if the Federation was going to fiddle around pleasing their id, ego, and superegos, she and the Castellan were certainly in a ‘philosophical’ agreement that someone should be present with Cardassia’s best interest in mind and at heart. Though getting a Cardassian military officer or intelligence operative aboard a Federation starship was out of the question and impossible. The Cardassian military her ancestors had so proudly served was unceremoniously dismantled. Of course, there was a lovely defense guard put into place, it filled the void of the former military, infused with Federation restrictions and propaganda for safe measure.

Once upon a time, her heart was filled with hatred for the Federation and for Starfleet. That was no longer the case though. Yes, she still held a lot of resentment and an obvious chip was on her shoulder. She wore her makeup as vibrant as she wore her Cardassian pride unbossed, unabashed, and unapologetic. Bipasha Chaitali was genuinely who she presented herself as being an educated and articulate Cardassian woman, strongly opinionated with military service, and willing and able to provide her services and expertise whether called up or not.

Two gentlemen with an anti-gravity lift approached her. They were clearly more interested in the shuttle than her, but she observed how tense their bodies had gotten the closer they got to her. Neither of them made direct eye contact with her. There was no malice nor hatred in their lack of eye contact, but if fear was intoxicating, Bipasha would have been high from close proximity to it. She was not ignorant of this reaction. Hatred was worn by some, but prejudice had a million masks to wear. These two wore fear and avoidance. “Pleasure to meet you both as well, I’m sure,” she said to the two men.

It did get them to stop before boarding the shuttle. “Ma’am?” one of them had stopped and asked, looking at the Cardassian for clarification. It was as though neither of them had met a Cardassian before, truly met a Cardassian.

“It’s not a myth, gentlemen. Cardassian women do speak, I can assure you” Bipasha said somewhat teasingly though subtly reprimanding them for their lack of manners. “I have never required much luxury. There are a few containers of my personal belongings. Please see to it that they are carefully transported to my quarters, and I do emphasize carefully transported. I have several bottles of Kanar and a few bottles of Bajoran port in my luggage” she said with a slight nod and wink at the man with a more robust rounded physique.

“You boys do a good job and I might just share some with you later,” she said as she tousled her hair a bit and readjusted the pins.
The two men began to make trips into and out of the shuttle, loading their anti-gravity lift with metallic storage containers of various shapes and sizes. She stood there observing the two men from operations when the steady sound of boots meeting the decking drew her attention. Militant stature, regimented, yet not what I was expecting she thought to herself as she saw a darker-skinned male approaching her with a PaDD in hand.

“Lieutenant Chaitali, I presume?” the man said not missing a syllable nor emphases. His inflection was as crisp as his uniform. She looked for the rank pips of an officer, only to find none. Instead, she found that of a warrant officer. The man’s eyes locked onto hers. No fear, no hatred, no disgust. His eyes revealed something else: respect. R-E-S-P-E-C-T which caused a slight smirk to form on her porcelain white skin, a small crack, and kink in her icy exterior armor.

Bipasha nodded and stiffened her own posture to meet his own, her hands held behind her back and she met the man’s lock. Her eyes were onto his as his were onto hers. It was as though they were transported back in time respectfully to their appropriate childhoods and this was a playground stare down. Who is going to blink first she pondered. This is far too amusing she thought to herself as neither of the two spoke a word. Neither uttered a sound for a minute or several. Time was an outside concept within their microcosm. The challenge was accepted non-verbally, but there would be no declared winner.

A loud thus broke both their concentrations. “Did I not just say that was fragile?!” she shouted at the two men who had dropped one of the larger, and much heavier containers. She continued to accost them in her native tongue which their universal translators embedded in the programming of their Federation comm badges provided such vibrant translations.

“You said they were fragile, but you did not say they were going to be this heavy. What are you carrying in here?” the smaller, scrawnier of the two men asked. They were able to regain their hold of the container and wrestle it onto the anti-gravity lift which would make transporting it and the other containers much easier.

Bipasha cackled and placed her hand atop the container. “The bodies of deceased lovers, but if you open it my darling, you’ll be added to my collection,” she said cocking her head a bit. The two men looked perplexed and potentially disturbed. “Oh, you children and your wild Cardassian fantasies,” she said shaking her head making a series of tsking sounds. “Bluebeard, you poor illiterate souls” she added with a smirk. “It is an Earth classic. You must read it” added the Cardassian.

The man with excellent posture cleared his throat. “The Captain is in his Ready Room, Lieutenant Chaitali, if you wish to make his acquaintance” reported the warrant officer. “I am the Captain’s Yeoman, for the time being at least” he added. “Shall I escort you to the Bridge?”

Bipasha smiled “How kind of you to ‘offer’ to ’escort’ me” she replied. “For a moment I thought you were going to tell me I could not roam the ship freely without your services” she countered crisply. “Now, did you say Yeoman or security?” she added with a bit of a powerplay.

“Yeoman,” he replied showing no sign of agitation in his tone of voice. “You are a member of the Komorkis’ crew, Doctor, an officer with the provisional rank of lieutenant, and a valued member of the Captain’s Senior Staff. I can assure you that you have the same rights and responsibilities as any Starfleet lieutenant in your circumstances would have.”

The Cardassian loosened her posture slightly. “Glad to hear,” she replied. “Yes, I would love to have you escort me to the Bridge. I would like to meet this Captain of yours” added Bipasha. She took a few steps back over to the anti-gravity lift and opened tapped a series of alpha-numerical digits into the small access bar on the container that the two men had dropped. Both were there to see the contents of the container. Various items, but some bottles of liquor as she had previously admitted to having.

Bipasha grabbed one spiraled glass bottle and two chalices before closing the container. She looked at the bewilderment of the two men. “Did you really expect the corpses of my deceased lovers?” Bipasha shook her head. “Come now, I’m a Cardassian. We do not leave forensic evidence behind if we can help it. I would have reduced their bodies to ash” she explained with another small cackle.

The Yeoman looked mildly amused and shook his head at her darkly humor. “Kanar and chalices?” he said noting what she was carrying.

“Gifts for the Captain,” she stated. “A token of my appreciation for putting up with me.”

The Yeoman looked at her with intrigue. “You have met the Captain before?”

She shook her head. “No, not that I am aware of. Consider this a pre-emptive gesture of appreciation. He will soon find me to be a thistle in his ass, but he will grow fond of me in due time.”


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