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Flying Blind

Posted on Thu Sep 10th, 2020 @ 11:04am by Captain Batu Ra-Ejine

Mission: Boldly Forth
Location: USS Komorkis - Docked at SB 310
Timeline: MD 01 - 0900 hours

Batu Ra-Ejine rubbed the pips on his collar as he walked through the operations center of Starbase 310 next to the ships station commander, a red-headed female Captain walked alongside him. "That fourth pip still feeling weird Batu?" The taller Efrosian chuckled and pulled his hand back, letting it fall to his side as they talked with one another. "Honestly Jacqueline I'm more surprised by the mission, to be honest. Five years and on our own. It's still sinking in."

Snorting, Captain Jacqueline McGregor nudged him and led him on towards the turbolift. "A little late in the game to still be anxious. You're going to be fine, even if you took your time taking your command." There was a pause as the two of them stopped and the turbolift doors opened. Batu motioned for his friend to step inside first and he followed along after. A request later and the two of them were on their way to launch bay three. The Efrosian leaned back against the railing and offered a joking sneer at his friend. "Don't blame me for holding on hope originally taking over his ship. And not all of us got promoted so fast Miss Valedictorian."

Jacqueline in turn rolled her eyes and laughed along. "Don't act like you didn't enjoy our time at the academy together Batu. "Letting out a small sigh her look went serious. "You are going to be okay out there right? Even with the Founders having surrendered and letting that one that was on our side act as their caretaker I still wonder if some Dominion soldiers don't want a little revenge."

The look on his face said enough though he quickly smiled reassuringly. "It's a worry I've come to accept as being a possibility. But the Komorkis is a wonderful ship that will be able to handle herself. And besides, if we let fear control us we'd never be out exploring." Pushing himself up he walked over to his friend and patted her shoulder. "Besides you just have to come to visit sometime is all. I'm sure you'll enjoy the deep unknown over this swanky Starbase."

Swatting his hand away she shook her head and then punched his arm. "You always could have visited earlier you know. But this has been nice. How much longer you plan on staying until launch?" Stroking his beard after taking the playful punch in stride he thought on her question. "If everyone arrives on time one to two weeks truth be told. Then we'll head for the Bajoran sector and the wormhole."

Soon the turbolift doors opened and the pair of commanding officers found themselves in the hallway for the launch pad where one of the Komorkis’ shuttles waited for him. "I'll try not to make it so long this time around Jacqueline, I promise." Before he could say anything else she reached forward and hugged the Efrosian, her long time friend. Batu was caught off guard momentarily before he embraced her and gave a tight hug back. "Two more weeks, I'll drop by again. Don't worry"

Letting him go Jaqueline nodded her head and then stepped back and straightened her uniform. "Oh and Batu? Remember to take the helm of the shuttle and make them think your flying blind like you used too." Laughing, Batu caught a wink from Jacqueline and shook his head. "Don't worry, the pilot won't know what hit him."
Heading off from here Batu made his way to the type 10 shuttle that was waiting for him, the USS Sagan. It was one of the brand new shuttles the Komorkis received and had been named for a prominent scientist from Earth’s history. In fact, both of the type 10 shuttles had been named for a scientist, one human, and one alien. Waiting for him on the shuttle was a very young ensign who looked like they had not even spent a few months out of the Academy before they were assigned to his ship’s flight crew. Smirking to himself he walked up slowly onto the shuttle and squinted his eyes. “Forgive me, I left my mechanical glasses back on the ship. You must be my pilot.”

A young Bolian ensign raised his brows at the comment by his commanding officer and then quickly stood up and nodded. “Ensign Khal, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Captain.” Batu made his way slowly to the co-pilot’s chair and then offered his hand. “The pleasure is mine, Ensign. And thank you for taking the time to come and pick me up. Shall we?” Handshakes exchanged, the pair was soon underway on the short trip back to the Komorkis.

About half-way through the flight with the Captain having spent his time talking about Efrosians notoriously bad vision from birth but excellent hearing suddenly the shuttle jerked about and seemed to be losing stability. “Ensign, status report!” Batu commanded as the two looked over consoles as quickly as they could. “I’m not sure sir, it seems we lost the stabilizers.” Replied Khal as he tried to desperately figure out what had happened. Blue fingers slid over his station as he continued searching for answers. On the other hand, Batu seemed calm and after giving the Bolian a few minutes he took over. “Get to the back and work on the stabilizer, I’m going to try and keep us steady until then.”

“Sir, but aren’t you mis…” Khal cut himself off as he realized he was about to question his Captain and then he simply got up and started heading for the back of the shuttle where he could access the control systems. “Aye sir, on my way.” Meanwhile, as he stepped away Batu simply laughed to himself and then took control of the helm. Suddenly the ship jerked and he called to the back of the ship. “Sorry about that, wrong button.”

The Ensign meanwhile muttered something about this being the death of him and was trying to search for the issue with the stabilizers when suddenly he felt the shuttle shake again and then start falling into a stable flight pattern. As he ran his tricorder over the systems he suddenly realized the issue and then let out an audible groan. Walking back up to the front of the shuttle he handed over the tricorder to Batu and slumped into his seat. “The test mode sir? You were testing me?”

Chuckling, Batu folded up the tricorder and transferred control of the helm back to the Ensign. “More like a joke Mister Khal. Do you think I’d really attempt to fly blind?” Laughing a little more he tapped the side of his face, finger right near his eyes. “Occular implants since I joined the academy. Honestly, I can see better than most these days.”

Khal realized the humor in the whole thing rather quickly, especially assuming his Captain would fly the shuttle in such a way. He also realized that possibly the test wasn’t about piloting but assumptions and stress. Taking control of the Sagan and bringing her into the dock of the Komorkis he turned and smiled at Batu. “I understand Sir. And I promise to not go judging others ahead of time now.” Nodding his head, the Captain stood up once they had landed and then offered a smile. “Very good Ensign. I look forward to having you pilot aboard the Komorkis. Keep up the good work and thank you. But, no telling the others. Who knows when the Captain might fly blind again.”


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