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I guess I can just delete this

Posted on Thu Sep 10th, 2020 @ 1:32pm by Lieutenant Neevara Yy MD PsyD

Mission: Boldly Forth

“Begin Personal Log, Neevara Yy Shol’apaldrab Jah’afar i-Talaniz,

What can I say about Pacifica? It was an experience to say the very least. I met the love of my life, or rather the love of my night. Four men in four nights is hardly a record, but the way the natives make love ...”

A low alert from the computer interrupted her train of thought. The sound,which slowly faded out, indicated a system wide power drain.

“Qwetha!” Neev exclaimed the expletive In her native tongue. She tried to tap at the controls but everything was non responsive. Her engine included.

The Doctor closed her eyes and thought for a moment. She tapped her combadge, hoping she was wishing a reasonable range of her new ship Komorkis or anyone really. “Yy to Komorkis.” The was no response. She tapped again. “Yy to anyone, I am stranded without power.” Static was all that returned in response.

Closing her eyes again, Neev worked to calm herself and steady her breath before she used up all of her air supply.

Resigning to her fate, Neev picked up a PADD and began to type.

‘My name is Neevara Yy Shol’apaldrab Jah’afar i-Talaniz and this is my final testament.’

She began to cry. She thought about all of the faces that she would miss, friends she would never see again, family she would never hug again.

It was overwhelming to her, but she continued typing. Her tears slowly stopping as she went on.

‘Know that I leave this life at peace with my actions and with no ill feelings towards anyone. I leave behind my love to all those I have ever been blessed to encounter. As I make my way across the bridge to my new life with the ancestors I take the time to reflect on my life in this reality. My family who has loved me unconditionally. My friends who I share so many fond memories with.’

There was a laboured chirp from the computer. “Scheduled system reboot complete.” Came through familiar voice of the Starfleet computer.

Neevara looked up from her PADD, clearly confused. She thought maybe this was how her mind was manifesting her death.

The familiar hum of the engine started up again.

Neev started laughing nervously. Could she really have reacted so... well it was an overreaction to say the very least. She stood up and began to check the computer console. Everything seemed to be in working order once again. She continued her nervous laughter about the situation.

“I guess I can just delete this.” She said out loud, referring to the macabre and depressing message she’d been scribing one anticipation of her death. She tapped at the PADD and deleted her words.

“Computer resume log.” She said, her laughter subsiding.
“As I said the natives are well known as very forceful and enthusiastic lovers. But that doesn’t even begin to describe the real experience. I was concerned I’d never want to leave. But the thought of returning to my dear friends on Komorkis hot my ass back on the shuttle and into orbit on time. Still, I’ve made a note to return before too long. Maybe I’ll bring the Captain along.” She laughed. “Computer, delete last sentence and save log.”


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